Transferring Contacts or Files to Youwave

Transferring contacts or any file between Youwave and PC or a phone is unfortunately not straightforward.

If you want only a few whatsapp contacts i recommend actually saving them individually on YW.
Otherwise you can follow these steps:

  • 1.  If you are using a android phone you will have to make a backup of your contacts by Menu>Contacts>Export to SD Card. This will be saved as a    0001.vcf file.      OR

If you are on a nokia symbian OS make a backup and it would be saved as a .csv file. Then convert the .csv file to .vcf by using a converter  you can get for free from here:

  • 2. Download Dropbox from It allows you to drop in files from any other device to a virtual online storage then retrieve them from anywhere else. Drop the backup contacts file from your actual phone to the Dropbox. Then login to dropbox from Youwave and retrieve/download the backup contacts file.
  • 3. Then just import the .vcf contacts file you just downloaded from dropbox back from your SD card in Youwave.
    Any problems? Do tell!

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