How to get Free Whatsapp messaging on your PC!

I have been using Whatsapp on my PC for over a year now and it works perfectly. Follow the following steps and you will be whatsapping in no time at no cost whatsoever!


If the above link doesnt work or torrent is corrupted try link 2: ( )

  • 3.   Install the downloaded software YouWave and apply included cracks.
  • 4.   Start up YW and then download the whatsapp file from the internet browser in YW from


Manually download the android whatsapp.apk file on your PC from and then in YW interface : Go to File>Path to               Apps to locate the downloaded Whatsapp.apk file.

  • 5.   Start Whatsapp application. Enter location and mobile phone number. Let the 5 minutes waiting time pass and then opt for Voice verification wherein they will call you and give you a verification code. Enter the code, send and whatsapp setup is done.

Enjoy Whatsapp!! And now you can also run any android applications and games on your new PC Emulator!


1. The patch.exe file from one of the torrentz does not appear.

Solution: Crack the software with another version crack. Search in A different version crack eg) 2.1.2 can crack a 2.0.0 version. It works.

2. There is no Service Network on the emulator.

Solution: The service network is not required for Whatsapp. It is required if you intend to use Swype.

3. Browser or internet not working on emulator.

Solution: First check whether your internet on PC is working fine. IF so then there is an issue with the installation, I recommend unistalling YW then, deleting the .VirtualBox files from C:\Users\YourPCName\.VirtualBox directory and then reinstalling YW.

4. Whatsapp installation gives error “Your phone is out of service coverage. Try again later.”

Solution: Try other whatsapp versions. Presently 21/4/2012 the latest whatsapp version works on YW V2.0.0 which is cracked by a V2.1.2 patch.I have older versions available drop your email and I will send them.

Post any other problems that you face, I will definately give you a solution.


PS: 15K+ views, Glad I could help you guys out!


185 Responses to How to get Free Whatsapp messaging on your PC!

  1. jasong says:

    Thanks so perfectly!!

  2. Derrick says:

    im gonna try this out nw… so far no problems.. nw installng whtsapp thanks

  3. Gardol says:

    thnk u man

  4. krzvaz says:

    doesnt work…. 😛

    • bobtheriffer says:

      Hey krzvaz! Can you tell me where exactly your encountering a problem? I’d be happy to help you out..

      • catjayaraj says:

        unable to send ur message, it will be sent when the service becomes available<<< i m reading this message when i try to send a text msg

      • Jaydip says:

        im am facing problem in starting whatsapp… i hav downloaded youwave and downloaded whatsapp in it bt it says when i click on whatsapp that, adroid os is not not ready try again later… what should i do now??

  5. Thyago says:

    How do I add contacts?

  6. Sága says:

    Hey Bob, I have a problem. I have whatsapp on my andro, trying to get it simultaneously on my PC (easier to talk to people when I’m on my comp). Now I tried the method described, but I didn’t receive a text, so I waited out the timer, clicked the “call me” button, but I get this error message; “You have recently connected, please wait X minutes before trying again”.
    The X minutes varies between 2,30 and 15. can’t get it to work, any suggestions?

    • Sága says:

      Fixed it: Just restarted the YouWave a couple of times, and it worked 🙂

      • bobtheriffer says:

        Cool but can you now use whatsapp on your phone as well? I didnt think you could have it active with the same number on two devices

    • bobtheriffer says:

      Hey Saga, Simultaneous usage of Whatsapp on more than one device with the same number is not possible. If you use your current number for activation on youwave whatsapp on your PC, then when you want to use it on your phone, you will have to reactivate it on your phone once again and vice versa.
      I’v never come across this error. I recommend using another mobile number to activate whatsapp on your pc. (or apparently you can also use your landline number, you will have to wait the 5 minutes and then do voice activation, try it out). 🙂

  7. Kush1995 says:

    asking for serial key what to do now ????

    • bobtheriffer says:

      Close youwave, go to the downloaded folder of youwave and find the folder called Crack, copy Youwave_Android which will be a 1.44mb file. Now open the directory you installed youwave in (For eg C:\Program Files\YouWave_Android) and paste the copied file. say yes to overwriting and then start Youwave. It wont ask you for the serial key.

  8. Saleh says:

    great app , but unfortunately it doesnt support ARABIC LANGUAGE , any steps to apply arabic language , please help ?

  9. freexrythem says:

    the Youwave is an android application right? what if my phone is blackberry?

  10. Divyekant says:

    hey how do you share pictures n stuff?

  11. zarish says:

    when i try to download whatsapp messenger from youwave browser, it says > u don’t have permission to open this page <

    • bobtheriffer says:

      Use the alternate method of downloading whatsapp on your computer and then use the ‘Path to apps’ option in youwave.
      Else Restart youwave and try, if it still doesnt work uninstall youwave, delete both the files in C:\Users\DELL\.Virtualbox\HardDisks\ (or whatever is your directory) and then reinstall Youwave

  12. victor says:

    can i use it on my laptop only?

  13. zarish says:

    unable to send ur message, it will be sent when the service becomes available<<< i m reading this message when i try to send a text msg

  14. jai says:

    says nno service . unable to send messages

  15. catjayaraj says:

    does’t works

  16. d says:

    me too doesnt work

  17. kenny says:

    I requested for a call, but there was no sounds at all?

  18. KEVINDD says:


  19. spaniard says:

    Hi I could install YouWave and WhatsApp. The SMS validation fails and then it gives the option for the call validation. But I never receive that call no matter how many times I request it. Any clues what may be happening? I’m using the service in Spain

  20. I have downloaded YouWave also Installed WhatsApp; however, while verification part they are unable to send me a SMS and same goes with call verification. Please help me out through this situation … My e-mail id is

  21. rahul says:

    i hv downloaded youwave 2.3.2 for whatsapp application….but its a trial version….do your method will sort out this trial issue………

  22. Rohn says:

    So the problem I’m facing is that the browser works fine but I don’t see the android market icon. So even if I try downloading it from the web directly it asks me which account im downloading it from since my device (PC) is not linked. Any work around? How do I get the android market icon on my list?

    • Rohn says:

      Is done. Whatsapp has disabled the download directly from cause of whatever licensing issues they have with youwave. So you have to find alternatives sources for the APK. works for now till they realise it and block that as well. But now am getting stuck in the authentication. Have given my mobile no which doesn’t have whatsapp running but didn’t get the sms code. Waiting for the phone call but its been 15 mins and none yet. Ideas?

  23. its about time i got ahold of this software.. cool

  24. Aniket says:

    i m using youwave but crack file not workin can u mail me crack filee…plzzzzzz

  25. Kriss says:

    Hi. I could install youwave, but i cant open it because every time it says it stopped working. is this just an issue with the computer or did i not do something right? thanks.

  26. Rob says:

    unable to send ur message, it will be sent when the service becomes available same message it’s depressing i want it so bad but i can’t find a solution >.<

  27. I am unable to go thru the verification as sms verification fails and i am not getting any 3 digit code

  28. eyong says:

    ive been trying to download watssap and it keep saying error certificate.. pls help dis my email address;

  29. anshul says:

    it says android os not ready !!!what shall i do plzz help!!!

  30. aloneboy says:

    add me on whatsapp

  31. gillz says:

    guys plzzz help pc wont download blustacks…..its tekin hours and also afta three hrs it says error…..sometimes after downloading it dsnt have a program to open it

  32. sneha says:

    Not getting any call for voice verification from last night.Pls help

  33. sneha says:

    Problem comming while sending msgs on whatsapp that unable to send .it will be sent when service become avialable .what to do noe?

  34. Marius says:

    Yeah, I downloaded a crack of YouWave, and man oh man, did I got the worst virus ever. Even though I didn’t install the crack itself but only the trial version, that torrent wat bad news galore. Not even the paid Avast could stop the virus from infecting all 3 my browsers (IE, Chrome, Firefox.) It took me 2 days of drama and lots of different software to get it (Win32:/Adkubru) out of my system. So now I’m too afraid to even download the proper YouWave from their own website, for all I know that Adkubru-shit is part of the package. If you download that software, no matter where, make sure you scan your pc properly with at least 3 different anti-malware softwares.
    I tried BlueStacks, but you need at least 2 Gb RAM to get it working properly, so my 1 Gb didn’t cut it either. BlueStacks looks much better than YouWave, and is still free while in Beta, so I will probably just upgrade my RAM.

  35. Whatsapp is not verifying my mobile phone number and message appearing “Unable to connect” :/

  36. gary says:

    not getting verification code 😦

  37. gary says:

    no calls 4rm whatsapp 4 d code

  38. I forgot my code send my code plz

  39. sajeed says:

    how to use whatsapp in my samsung wave y….5380

  40. sajeed says:

    pls send me whatsapp in my id….. Whatsapp installation gives error “Your phone is out of service coverage. Try again later

  41. Everett says:

    can i retreive a deleted chat from the sever if so how?

  42. asim says:

    i tried but couldnt get on pc ho shet

  43. asim says:

    i need hlep , is there anyone who should help me to get whatsapp on my pc

  44. zendaya says:

    not so great>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  45. Amponsah says:

    When I run the program Windows Security Alert pops up saying: to help protect your computer, windows firewall has blocked some features of this program. Do you want to keep blocking this program? Name VBoxDSL. Should I keep blocking

  46. thompson says:

    i cant sim 2 get the verification..

  47. rajesh says:

    is it possible to use whatsup on samsung champ gt-c 3303 plz replay or msg 919422044704

  48. sallicious says:

    am gonna try this.

  49. Huzefa says:

    I cnt open the whatsapp site from the explorer, it shows “you do not have the permission to open this page” then i tried browsing whatsapp.apk file but i cnt select the file??? help plzz

  50. pavan naidu says:

    who to download whats app in my laptop

  51. world says:

    hi, if someone sending a msg on whatsapp, do i receive on my androd and pc as well? please clarify. thanks

  52. Yogesh Shah says:

    i m not getting verification call & sms. pls help. i m using youwave version 2.1.2 my mail id is yshah84 at gmail dot com

  53. emaisee says:

    hey my problem is that whenever i try to register my sim on watsap. it says sms verification failed.
    and when i press the option call me. it gives a waitying sign and after some seconds the same call me screen appears. no call and no sms code i have recieved
    next time when i press the call me button it says wait for 59 minutes and try again. wts this?

  54. ricks says:

    em still unale to download YW properly.. 😦
    after installation.. the YW icon does not show on my desktop.. :/
    any other options plzz?

  55. Piyush says:

    I am not getting verification call from Whts App Inc. for ‘PC version-‘You wave’ software.What could be the possible problem?
    Piyush M

  56. Mridul Damani says:

    i am nt being able 2 undrstnd at all how o download whatsapp on pc…….can u help????

  57. khan shahid says:

    how can we find the phone number from which i got message? as once u download the application then after u change the SIM and insert new one ,so how i come to know the mobile number of that person ,, pls reply

  58. vivek says:

    hey bob… thanks a lot its working.. i have got the trial version.. how to get the crack one.. searched for the crack folder as u said above but its no there.. help me..!! 🙂

  59. Vivek Nair says:

    hey bob… thanks a lot its working.. i have got the trial version.. how to get the crack one.. searched for the crack folder as u said above but its no there.. help me..!! 🙂

  60. kd says:

    how to dowload it??

  61. marlon says:

    stuur terug as jy dit kry

  62. nourhan hijazi says:

    howw to download whatapps

  63. hello..i had installed this android application but there is a prob while i open account block..error is “synchro in account not done” pls tell how i can solve this

  64. Norms says:

    hey whatsapp really good, but yet to get one on my PC

  65. rajath says:

    I AM USING WINDOWS 7, I FOLLOWED UR STEPS TO INSTALL YOU WAVE.i even downloaded whatsapp but when i select it and try to run it .it says ‘Android OS not ready.please wait a few seconds before retrying’ if i try after an hour also it doesn’t work

  66. sanjoli says:

    i am facing problem while connecting whatsapp.its giving server error…what should i do nw..plz suggest me something..????

  67. rahul says:

    whenever i am tryiing to send message getting this error, plz do help me
    “currently unable to send message it will be sent when service will be avaiable”

  68. Sahil says:

    yw 4 is excellent. it has more features than yw2
    pls provide the link along with key or crack

  69. Dheeraj says:

    File c:\windows\Installer\VS2010ToolsMCV@.msi error is coming on installing time what i do….

  70. Dheeraj says:

    now its not working properly

  71. ivan says:

    hey, i got the app but when i try to open whatsapp it tells me my date and time are inaccurate and that i shoul;d adjust but even when i do nothing happens

  72. ivan says:

    hey, thanks this is prettyycool. its working alryt, cant upload pic n all, but chatting is dope enuf. thanks again

  73. Amrut says:

    hey plz tel me the whole procedure…
    i wnt to use it on ma lapy

  74. Woody says:

    No service is available on YouWave and i am not able to send any messages. It says messages will be sent when service will become available. plz help…

  75. woody says:


  76. dHVA says:

    will it work fine on old pcs?

  77. manoj says:

    can i send songs and files thorugh watsapp in pc…

  78. daniel doughan says:

    am using bluestacks and i cant upload pics n files what will i do please help me

  79. japi says:

    heyy..on my desktop it says before i start mssging dat ur phone date and time are incorrect..and i checked they were correct..whatsapping hasnt started coz f dis…

  80. Bob Jack says:

    Cam u upload a pic ?

  81. Wqssad says:

    plzzz halp me

  82. Wqssad says:

    Android OS not ready. Please wait a few seconds before retrying. halpp this

  83. uttam says:

    hi,i hv downloaded it and install it also bt wen ever i click whatsapp icon in android window a pop up window comes nd it says android os is not ready plz wait…………what to do

  84. vlad Iulian says:

    it says android os is not ready , please come again in a few seconds , and so on

  85. jasa seo says:

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    that I get actually enjoyed account your blog posts.
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  86. Halra says:

    thank youuu,
    will download and try free whatsapp messenger on my phone
    🙂 great

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    want?.I am attempting to to find things to improve my web site!I suppose its ok to make use of
    some of your concepts!!

  88. tech says:

    Hello every one, here every person is sharing these kinds of know-how, so it’s nice to read this blog, and I used to go to see this webpage everyday.

  89. nalawade dharmaraj says:

    my whatsapp on pc is not sending or downloading media files and its asking me to remove files from sd card… how should i do it..?

  90. It’s hard to come by experienced people in this particular topic, however, you seem
    like you know what you’re talking about! Thanks

  91. It is in point of fact a great and helpful piece of info.
    I am satisfied that you shared this useful information with us.

    Please stay us up to date like this. Thanks for sharing.

  92. Great web site. Lots of helpful info here. I am sending it to a
    few buddies ans additionally sharing in delicious.
    And naturally, thanks in your sweat!

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  97. Melaine says:

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    time I am visiting this site and reading very informative
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  140. ugoo says:

    Why is it that whenever I tried to download whatsapp on my phone all I see is that I need to settle the family first?

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